The Concept Of Insurance Fraud

In Florida, an Insurance Fraud charge can take many forms from health, property, to auto insurance. Charges vary greatly such as the use of false Medicare and Medicaid insurance, fraudulent claims made to Workers" Compensation, and Auto Insurance providers. Florida also experienced its own share of different insurance schemes. With hurricanes, fire and flood, real estate insurance have been quite popular recently. In addition, due to complex billing and coding procedures today, many doctors and health care providers are being investigated by the State Attorneys for Health Insurance Fraud (Disability).

Another type of insurance scam that is becoming more popular is the personal injury scams. The person committing the fraud will claim that he or she suffered physical injury after an accident. The number of incidents for this type of fraud increased after Personal Injury Protection(PIP) became mandatory in Florida. Normally, the state law enforcement agency prosecute this type of case. However, the practice became so widespread that it got the attention of federal law enforcement.

The State of Florida can also prosecute those suspected of making False Claims. Specifically, a very widespread charge in Central Florida is Fire to Defraud the Underwriter, ( Florida Law 817.233 ), a charge that may also be related to Provocative Fire, ( Florida Law 806.01 ). In a case of Insurance Fraud, State Prosecutors have to prove that the act of defrauding the insurer was done on purpose, which makes this charge particularly difficult for them to prove before a judge or a jury. These cases are considered Third Degree Crimes and are subject to a possible sentence of up to five (5) years in State Prison. If you have been charged with Insurance Fraud,

Credit card fraud occurs when an individual defrauds a person or company with the intention of obtaining money or goods. In Florida, State Attorneys can charge you with Credit Card Fraud when a person uses a credit card linked to a canceled account, or uses a stolen or lost card and makes purchases with it. Another form of Credit Card Fraud is embezzlement, which happens when a person gives a card number from a third party to make purchases. State and Federal agencies can pursue Credit Card Fraud cases, however, most of these cases are prosecuted by the US Secret Service.

Insurance Fraud offenses can be classified as minor or major, and in some situations, such as when a fake accident is alleged, the minimum mandatory period of imprisonment can be imposed by the Judge. Penalties for insurance fraud also vary and it usually depends on the amount or value of the claim. The severity of the penalty will increase as the value of the fraudulent claim will increase as well. For licensed professionals such as doctors and lawyers, they could lose their license.

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