Overview About Auto Insurance Laws In Florida

In Florida, there are two motor vehicle insurance laws: the Financial Responsibility Act and the No-FaultLaw. It is necessary for you as a driver to understand these laws because if you do not have the proper insurance, you can lose your driver ‘s license and your vehicle’s registration and you would have to pay high costs to get them again.… More →

The Concept Of Insurance Fraud

In Florida, an Insurance Fraud charge can take many forms from health, property, to auto insurance. Charges vary greatly such as the use of false Medicare and Medicaid insurance, fraudulent claims made to Workers’ Compensation, and Auto Insurance providers. Florida also experienced its own share of different insurance schemes.¬†With hurricanes, fire and flood, real estate insurance have been quite popular… More →

The “Obamacare” Market And Registration

The Affordable Care Act or more popularly known as “Obamacare” was signed last March 23, 2010. It requires that most people have health insurance. In this article, let’s take a look at some details about “Obamacare.” The Medical Insurance Market (also known as Marketplace) is a price comparison website where Americans can purchase their Quality and Affordable Medical Insurance, and… More →