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A divorce can be an extremely painful and emotionally draining experience – but it can also be your first chance to regain your independence, to stand up for exactly what you want, and to make a fresh start, knowing that you did what was right for you and your children. By learning more about the divorce process, the child custody process, and the division of property, you are arming yourself with the knowledge that will only help you in the coming weeks and months. You wouldn"t begin a journey without a map – don"t begin the divorce process without guidance. Particularly when it comes to households where men have been the primary breadwinners, women often worry about being placed in a precarious financial situation after their divorce. Similarly, if children are involved, concerns about the emotional impact your divorce will have on the children, who will have physical and legal custody of the children, as well as concerns about how you will support them, can be a tremendous source of stress for women.

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The second common type of injustice against women divorce courts is the hiding of assets by the husband. In order to fairly divide the marital assets, each spouse must disclose all of his or her income and assets. When a husband lies to the court about the amount of property and savings they have, your attorney must be able to fight back and make sure the court knows that the husband is not being truthful throughout the judicial proceedings. Fault in the breakup in marriage is one of the factors that can determine how assets are divided.

As a part of a divorce, you and your former spouse will formulate a parenting plan that will outline the specifics of how you plan to co-parent your children. These plans can include everything from time-sharing agreements to concerns related to legal custody, including decisions about education and religious upbringing.

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If a client chooses to participate in a collaborative divorce, both Divorce Attorney For Women in Oakwood Villa, Florida and spouses sign a contract, agreeing not to litigate in court, but instead to reach a settlement out of court. If neither of those options is possible or what a client desires, our attorneys litigate in court to protect the legal rights of their clients and the minor children before, during, and after a divorce or other family law matter. Men tend to approach the process as a business transaction, which they would like to conclude quickly.

Women, on the other hand, are often more concerned about obtaining the right outcome — one that protects their future security and the security of their family. However, for most women who are going through the legal process, a divorce becomes an acrimonious, drawn-out process. It may also be true that women are less tolerant of infidelity because they see themselves as an equal partner.

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Among the differences you will find from many other law firms, here, you will be assigned a litigation team to ensure you always have an attorney available that is deeply involved and familiar with your case. Too many lawyers tell people what they want to hear, but we are committed to telling you exactly the situation you are in because that is the only way you can make an informed decision about what is Best Divorce Lawyers For Women in Oakwood Villa for you and your family. We understand what you are facing and how to guide you with experience and compassion. Legal counsel early in this process is essential. It is crucial that you prepare legally, financially and emotionally for life post-divorce. It is also a time when you may be most vulnerable. These decisions made now will affect you for many years to come. It is the time for expert counsel. Then he’ll try to get her to settle for far less than she’s entitled to.

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In order to ensure that the child continues to receive the quality of life he/she was accustomed to, it is necessary for the father to pay child support. A qualified attorney with experience in representing women can help put forth the experienced women Divorce Lawyers in Duval County, Florida terms of child support. And in the case, where the father is not paying child support on time, an attorney can help file a motion for contempt against the father.

Much research has been devoted to understanding these findings. Today, women are more likely to have their own career, tend to be more financially independent, and are less likely to stay in a bad marriage. In issues of spousal support and property distribution, legal assistance can help ensure necessary spousal support and equitable property distribution for women. Many factors must be looked at in order to determine which parent is the fittest to raise the children in a family.

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And when I later tell her that no, you’re entitled to more than that, he gets angry and that makes it harder to negotiate down the road, even in mediation.” But they are entitled to their rights for the equal share in the property that was built or acquired during the period of marriage. An attorney representing women can objectively assess these matters and help the client make the right decisions.

An experienced divorce attorney will help present your side of the case to the Judge in a persuasive and effective manner. This will help you achieve the best results possible for your situation. Attorneys attempt first to mediate or work towards a settlement with each case to achieve a fair agreement or resolution which will promote family harmony.